What is the purpose of CareOS ?

CareOS is a privacy-by-design, intuitive open platform that works naturally into your care, beauty, health & hygiene rituals. It makes the best possible use of time you spend in front of a mirror to improve your well-being by organizing and enhancing information from any connected device, digital service and CareOS’ own AI.

By simply looking at and gesturing to the bathroom mirror, you gain access to all of the information you need to evaluate and improve your routines, experiment with your appearance and learn about your health. CareOS is the new front line of preventative care, offering personalized information and suggestions for a happier and healthier life, with a specific secured profile for each member of the family. CareOS puts privacy first: your data stays local, and is not shared without your consent.

Key features

Touchless interaction & voide command

Face & product recognition

Face & product recognition

Voice command & Touchless interaction

360° video

360° video, magnifier, time-lapse

Touchless Interaction

Daily temperature check

Virtual Try-on

Makeup, hair & skincare tutorials

Skin & Beauty mark analysis

Vitals check

Vision Tests


Skin analysis

Interconnection with other devices

Skin analysis

Skin analysis with UV lights

Skin analysis

AR & gamified hygiene

Skin analysis

Femtech: follow up on cycles

Skin analysis

All your wellness data safely gathered in one crossed vision

What’s new with Themis mirror this year ?

Themis is the new CareOS, small connected mirror, easy to install and adjustable for any bathroom and any family member. Its articulated arm and optimized lightning enables the best tracking conditions for your skin and physical condition. The mirror collects data from more sensors than ever before such as a high-quality RGB camera, an IR temperature sensor, and a UV light for skin analysis to improve users’ care routines. To safeguard user information, data is stored locally, encrypted using software and hardware security modules, and shared only if requested with double consent.


Technical specifications

  • Size & Weight:
    Mirror: 8,19 x 11,1 inches
    Screen 10 inches
    17.64 ounces
  • Frontal Camera:
    48Mpx ~ IMX230
    Manual lens cover for privacy.
  • Sensors board:
    IR sensor (for temperature detection), microphone, automatic presence detection, speakers.
  • Software:
    Android based OS
  • LEDs:
    Warm White 2700K & Cold White 6000K
    Brightness Control 1000 - 2000
    Lumens Large set of colors
    UV Leds
  • Privacy:
    GDPR -compliant, local storage, and ability to deactivate camera manually
  • Installation:
    Articulated arm or floor stand

Model Reference: Themis

Retail price: From $399 to $499

Launch date: H2 2021

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